Ten Wheeler Type 4-6-0

Tidewater Southern No. 1 (second) was manufactured by Rome Locomotive Works (New York Locomotive Works) in 1891 for the Denver and Rio Grande Western Railroad (D.&R.G.W. No. 39), then in 1908 became Denver and Rio Grande Railroad No. 546.  The locomotive was acquired by the Western Pacific Railroad in August of 1917 and numbered W.P. No. 126; then acquired for the Tidewater Southern Railway in January of 1918.  It was retired from the T.S. in 1946 and scrapped in October of that year.

(Photos: Top - Steve Cope Collection, mid 1930s.  Second - Allan Socca, Modesto, early 1930s.  Third - Unknown photographer, at Aurora, October 3, 1939.)